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                  About us

                  Company profile:

                  Guangzhou yidejia cosmetics Limited company is a professional personal care products business group, acymer is one of the cosmetic items.The company by a large number of professional and have rich experience in fast moving consumer goods operations experts, senior e-commerce operations division, terminal and channel research staff, is committed to creating a new fast consumable channel patterns, create new sales platform as the core strategic development direction.The company has specialized in the natural cosmetic products development and technical development of scientific research institutions ---aitdo Department of Dermatology Research Center,pooled from Senior biological experts, medical scientists, chemists joint team composed of elite. Strong research and development strength ceaseless and ecbolic hi-tech products, the interpretation of a new era of beauty culture, Into the international beauty fashion.

                  Skin care idea:

                  acymer has been to improve the skin problems and give human health beauty as the most important task, make skin essence as the product core concept, emphasize the importance of water for healthy skin,In order to protect the skin, convergence with the international advanced technology, high-quality product development as the direction, with the best service, for customers to provide quality services, products to the strength to conquer the market.The markets more than just a year, and quickly flied red network cosmetics industry, clinch a deal the record repeatedly lamp, real and effective products, zero complaint reputation, enthusiasm of sweet sales service, and all over the world dealers, professional beauty advisor to dispel doubts, strong technical support...... To be the object of fashionable women to follow suit, and acquired makeup industry, the model of the world, develops into the bag: beautiful skin, become the hottest cosmetics brand.

                  Kingdom territory:

                  yidejia established in China just two years, has successfully start more than 100 dealers, dozens of network operations center, and in the end of 2010 with 3 months time in a national 20 products distribution center will be the product distribution to every corner of covering the whole country, really network shopping T + 1 (the day buy, and the next day the arrival) distribution services, let users better experience of the network shopping swift and convenient!
                  yidejia 's success a network marketing model active, and has formed by the guangzhou as the center, the sales network covering the whole country, with its natural and harmonious product style, extraordinary product effect of popular rapidly world, be Asian female beauty as holy product, spread of China, in the old kingdom of a natural skin care boom.
                  Amy's Amanda adhering to the "foundation school" the idea, and with its unique business model, advanced management concept and strong advertising, efficient elite team, good sales service, and forethought development of policy, and constantly open up the extension of the kingdom's ai Amanda territory.

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